Reputation Management

What is reputation management?

Reviews, reviews, reviews, and a business' response to those reviews. Your business reputation depends on what people say about you. Digital reviews have replaced word-of-mouth reviews, and companies are desperate to get good ones.

If you bought something through Amazon, surely you have received a request for a digital review. The company that provided your item or service wants that review because they did a good job and need to let consumers know they did a good job. Unfortunately, our desire to voice our concerns is most evident when something goes wrong, but in today's online world, we are reminded how important it is for a company to build up those good reviews. We know we won't please everyone and sometimes things just don't work the way they should. So we need the majority of those reviews to be good ones and outweigh when something goes wrong.

We will help you collect the reviews and can help you respond to those reviews. Consumers are impressed by companies that respond to reviews. Our automated system will send out a thank you for all the good reviews and will help address the concerns expressed as well. Most business owners want to be involved in the complaints made against their business. Our automation will respond immediately to the customer and notify you, the business owner, that the concern needs to be addressed. This will focus your attention to the specific reviews you need to get in front of and make right.


93% of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions.

Consumers are 50% more likely to be motivated by an online review than by a discount offer.

Nearly half of all internet users post online reviews every month.

81% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses.

Yelp receives 26,830new reviews per minute.

Trip Advisor passed one billion reviews in 2022.

75%of businesses don’t respond to negative reviews.


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