Who are we at Game Plan Vault?

We are dedicated professionals whose goal is to help you grow your business. We are based in Cincinnati, grew up in Cincinnati, educated in Cincinnati and love our town specialties; Montgomery Inn, Graeters (that is spelled correctly), Skyline, high school identities (if you're from Cincy - you know), college basketball and the WEBN fireworks.

We want to contribute to the growth of your business and the success of our people.

Let us make your success our success!

Our founder, Olivia, went to business school with the intention of one day owning her own business. When she graduated and started working for other business owners, she noticed a few gaps that a small business owner experienced.

The first thing she saw was that small business owners typically work very hard to make the business successful. They have a lot of pressures that the typical consumer doesn't see; finding dependable employees, making payroll (as the office manager), working from open to close, satisfying customers without hearing the positive feedback from the happy folks, and certainly spending time advertising or marketing their business. Maintaining a good work live balance is very difficult and she realized there was a need to help in the marketing area of a small business.

Olivia opened Game Plan Vault with the intent to fill the marketing gap owners experience. She know that some owners used a social media platform, but didn't have the time or interest to learn the platforms that would be most beneficial. She worked with owners who would create a post once in a while, but didn't have the ability to do it daily. Olivia believes Game Plan Vault can provide that assistance for a reasonable fee. She isn't trying to sell every owner the entire catalogue of services she offers, only the ones that will benefit most.

Kim is a retired teacher who has found a passion for social media and website design. She has been working with websites since the early 2000s and is pretty fluent on most of the platforms available. Kim has completed the Meta Course offered through Coursera and is training on SEO management currently.

Our commitment to our clients...


Satisfied clients

Our goal is to solve marketing problems for our clients so their attention can be on the customers.


Fulfilled expectations

Our commitment is to deliver the product and results the client expected.



Strategic spending to reduce risk and achieve best results for our clients.

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